The event was held at Komedia, in Gardner Street, Brighton, yesterday.

Vinyl enthusiasts were busily hunting for bargains and a chance to discover new albums.

Brighton Record Fair attracted buyers from all age groups, proving again that the vinyl revolution is gaining momentum.

Maria Godden, 43, from Telscombe Cliffs, said: “My son and I came specially for this record fair.

“I was just browsing around, hoping to find something really good. I’ve just started collecting vinyl because of the good quality. I really love music. So far I have 20 records and I want to collect as much as I can.”

Ernie Godden, 16, said: “I started collecting vinyl last January. So far I have got 40 records.

“The vinyl revolution has also inspired young people to take up the hobby.

“It’s an expensive hobby though, but then again you never know what bargains you find at record fairs.

“My favourite music genres are jazz and hip hop.”

Vinyl dealer Martyn Harrington, 63, from Shoreham, said: “I think the vinyl revolution has been incredible because even the younger generation are collecting them.

“I’ve been collecting vinyl since I was eight. I have more than 5,000 records.

“I grew up at an era where there was not much technological entertainment like now, so music has been a big part of my life.

“Vinyl isn’t yet as big as it used to be but it’s good to see it’s making a comeback.”