“An entry point to their motorik soundworld.”

Stereolab are reissuing Volumes 1-3 of their Switched On compilation on vinyl, this September via Duophonic UHF Disks.

Formed by duo Lætitia Sadier and Tim Gane, the group boasted a line-up which shifted through 15 musicians during its 19-year existence.

1992’s Switched On, 1995’s Refried Ectoplasm [Switched on Volume 2] and 1998’s Aluminum Tunes [Switched on Volume 3] have all been remastered for this new reissue.

The 48-track Volume 1-3 collection will be released on clear vinyl in a 6xLP set, which contains a 24″x24 poster and 6″x6″ sticker sheet; each album will also be available individually.

Head here to pre-order a copy of the 6xLP package ahead of its 27th September release, listen to ‘Doubt’ and check out the track lists below.


Switched On LP

Side A

A1. Super Electric
A2. Doubt
A3. Au Grand Jour’
A4. The Way Will Be Opening
A5. Brittle

Side B

B1. Contact
B2. Au Grand Jour
B3. High Expectation
B4. The Light That Will Cease To Fail
B5. Changer

Refried Ectoplasm [Switched On Volume 2] LP

Side A

A1. Harmonium
A2. Lo Boob Oscillator
A3. Mountain
A4. Revox
B1. French Disko
B2. Exploding Head Movie
B3. Eloge D’Eros
B4. Tone Burst [Country]

Side C

C1. “Animal Or Vegetable [A Wonderful Wooden Reason…]” [Crumb Duck]

Side D

D1. John Cage Bubblegum
D2. Sadistic
D3. Farfisa
D4. Tempter


Side A

A1. Pop Quiz
A2. The Extension Trip
A3. How To Play Your Internal Organs Overnight
A4. The Brush Descends The Length
A5. Melochord Seventy-Five
A6. Space Moment

Side B

B1. Iron Man
B2. The Long Hair Of Death
B3. You Used To Call Me Sadness
B4. New Orthophony

Side C

C1. Speedy Car
C2. Golden Atoms
C3. Ulan Bator
C4. One Small Step

Side D

D1. One Note Samba / Surfboard
D2. Cadriopo
D3. Klang Tone

Side E

E1. Get Carter
E2. 1000 Miles An Hour
E3. Percolations
E4. Seeperbold

Side F

F1. Check And Double Check
F2. Munich Madness
F3. Metronomic Underground (Wagon Christ Mix)
F4. The Incredible He Woman

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